We now provide credit repair service to consumers living in all 50 states and territories. You no longer have to allow bad credit to prevent you from achieving your goals. Are you tired of being denied credit to buy a car, rent an apartment, get business funding to start a business, or buy a house? Our credit repair service can remove negative items from your credit report to restore your good credit and increase your FICO score by several points.

Our credit repair service takes about three to six months to complete. We contact all three credit (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) bureaus when we repair your credit. During this three to six month period we make sure that any negative items removed from your credit report do not reappear on your credit report again. If any negative items reappear on your credit report we contact the credit bureaus to make sure the negative items are permanently removed from your credit report.

Since we take three to six months to repair your credit we also allow you to pay our credit repair fee of $475.00 over five months rather than paying it all up front. Our credit repair service is a thorough process that takes time, however, this is the only way to ensure our credit repair service works and we remove negative items and your FICO score increases. Your money back is guaranteed if our credit repair service is unable to remove negative items and improve your credit score.

The cost of our credit repair service is $475.00 and there is an additional $150.00 if you want us to remove bankruptcy or any type of lien off your credit report.

Once we repair your credit we can also help you rebuild your credit again and help you receive business funding for your business.

For more information about our credit repair service please send an e-mail to ustradelines.com@gmail.com.