When residents of Phoenix, Arizona buy a seasoned tradeline for sale from USTradelines.com, your name, social security number, and date of birth will be added as an authorized user to the seasoned tradeline you purchase. The payment history, credit limit, and outstanding balance, and the age of the credit card you are added to, will be included on your credit report while you are an authorized user from Phoenix, Arizona. Residents of Phoenix, Arizona will be glad to know that all of our seasoned tradelines have outstanding balances that are less than 15% of the credit card limit and perfect payment history (no payments have been missed).


Phoenix, Arizona residents below are the steps to follow if you are interested in purchasing one of our seasoned tradelines.

Step 1:

Review the ideal Phoenix tradeline candidate page  before you buy a seasoned tradeline from us. Tradelines can be used to increase your credit score  and work best if you understand how to use it for your particular situation. Phoenix, Arizona residents who have average credit fit into one of the scenarios presented on the ideal candidate page so take a look at the page to find out what scenario works for you.

Step 2:

After reading the ideal Phoenix trade candidate page go to the Phoenix, Arizona tradeline inventory page to see our available seasoned tradelines for sale and select the ones you are interested in buying.


Phoenix, Arizona residents contact us via email (ustradelines.com@gmail.com) about the tradelines you are interested in purchasing. If the tradelines are available then we will send you a purchase order form to complete and provide us with information to add you to the tradelines you want to purchase.

Step 4:

Phoenix, Arizona residents once you pay for your seasoned tradelines you select, we will add you to the seasoned tradelines that you purchased as an authorized user.

Step 5:

Phoenix, Arizona residents set up an account with a credit monitoring service so that you can see the seasoned tradelines post to your credit report.

Phoenix, Arizona residents the seasoned tradelines you purchased will be reported to the credit bureau and should boost your FICO credit scores. See what some of our customers have said testimonials.

Phoenix, Arizona residents once the seasoned tradelines you purchased show up on your credit report it will remain on your credit report for about 3-4 weeks before it drops off.


Phoenix, Arizona residents for more information about buying our seasoned tradelines  please contact us at (407) 801-1295 or send an e-mail to USTradelines.com@gmail.com.


Phoenix, Arizona residents your satisfaction is our top priority.