Available Tradelines Lines

Below is a list of available authorized tradelines for sale. All of our tradelines listed have perfect payment history. If you are interested  in purchasing an authorized tradeline first read “Buy Tradelines” page. After reading the “Buy Tradelines” page then contact us at (407) 801-1295 or send an e-mail to ustradelines.com@gmail.com and let us know which tradelines you want to buy.

Our tradelines are identified publicly by letters rather than the name of the issuing bank/lender.  The issuing bank/lender does not affect your FICO credit score at all.  Your credit score is not based on whether you have a visa, discover,  master card, or american express, etc.

The age of the tradeline affects your FICO score. The older the tradeline, the longer the payment history thus a greater impact on your credit score.  15% of your FICO score is based on whether you have new credit. New credit refers to any tradeline that is less than a year old.

The closing date is the deadline for purchasing a tradeline so that it will appear on your credit report within the next thirty days.

The outstanding balance compared to your credit limit is an important factor in calculating your credit score. The most important aspect is the utilization rate. The amount of your credit limit available will affect your credit score. All our tradelines have outstanding balances that are less than 10% of the credit limit. The lower the utilization rate the better your credit score.

   Card          Age (yrs)            Closing Date                  Limit                   Monthly Rate

A                           4                          22nd                        $6,500.00                     $260.00

B                          0                            18th                        $2,500.00                     $175.00 CPN friendly

C                         0                           4th                             $2,000.00                      $175.00
CPN friendly

All the tradelines above work with a social security number.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.