Below are some comments from people who have purchased some of our tradelines.


“Because of your help I just got approved for my first credit card.”  3/23/2017


 I just wanted to let you know that your tradelines have helped me so much and changed my life. They worked so good my brother would like to get the exact 3 that I bought.” 4/21/2017


“Ustradeline did exactly what they said. I purchased 2 tradelines for my wife. Both accounts posted the date they where supposed too with the exact amount i purchased . The credit lines had perfect history and 0 balance. Score went from 525 to 680. Thanks Ustradeline.” 10/06/17    Card A & D


“Good afternoon. I’m interested in getting another Tradeline.  The one I purchased from you a couple weeks back worked wonders for me.” 10/23/17  – Card F

Thanks again!
“I appreciate your help my score went from 0 to 743 after purchasing Card A.”  11/01/2017