How to use tradelines for credit repair. Tradelines, specifically authorized user tradelines are a very useful tool for increasing your FICO score. It is possible to increase your FICO credit score by 50-100 points within 30 days using authorized user tradelines.

The moment you start to use more than 30% of your credit limit your credit score will drop. If your credit limit is almost maxed out or totally maxed out your FICO score will decrease drastically. You have two options in this situation;

  1. Reduce your outstanding balance by making a large payment. this option is feasible only if you have a credit card with a limit lower than $1,000.00. If your credit limit is more than $1,000.00 then purchasing an authorized user tradeline maybe a better option because the cost of a tradeline is cheaper than paying the outstanding balance.
  2. Purchase an authorized tradeline which will increase your credit limit and reduce your utilization rate.